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buses & trains

To find your route, on trains metro or buses visit:

You must have a valid ticket. Inspectors check tickets regularly and fines are harsh. If you use public transport regularly, then a monthly pass will probably be your best option. 

is the easiest and most affordable option if you are expecting to commut. Just don’t forget to scan in and out! If you are taking your bike on the train, you will need a ticket for your bike on regional (Ø)trains and the Metro, but taking your bike on the S train is free.

Cycling s a bicycle route planner based on multiple preferences. There are a lot of rules applicable to cyclists so to avoid fines, check out

There are also numerous courses you can take to learn how to ride in Denmark. or call 41961119 to book a lesson.

Driving Schools
Copenhagen International Driving Schoo (Jeff Abbey) Native English driving instructor based in Gentofte.
Tel: 40 43 25 50

Københavns Køreskole
Krusågade 21-23, 1719 København V
Tel: 70 20 33 30

ASA Køreskol
Godthåbsvej 93A, 2000 Frederiksberg
Tel: 38 34 37 34.

Søernes Trafikskole
Blegdamsvej 80, 2100 København Ø
Tel: 33 33 03 04

Easy Park, is by far the easiest option. Download the English app on your mobile phone. Avoid underground or parking garages, they are much more expensive. If you have the option… take the public transport into the city. In many areas outside the city, parking is free. Although you need to set the clock on the windshield. (P-Skriver). A good investment is the electronic clocks. They stop automatically when you park your car. Remember to check the signs carefully to see how long you can park.  

Do not park or stop less than 10 meters from an intersection, a small faded yellow triangle should mark the border. Don’t override this marking, you will get a ticket!

Tel: 70 25 25 25

Tel: 48 48 48 48


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