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Danish Health Care


danish health care

Danish Health Care is free and you will be assigned a doctor (“læge”) once you have registered at your local municipality (“kommune”)

You can find the contact details of your doctor on your “yellow card”. If for any reason you wish to change your doctor, you can do this at your local Kommune for a small fee.

112 Emergency

If you need urgent medical assistance with acute, life-threatening illness or injury, this is the number to call. (it also covers fire and police)

If you need to see a doctor, the contact details of your own physician (G.P.) are shown on your Health Insurance Card (“yellow card”).

1813 Doctor on duty

This is an emergency line in The Capital Region of Denmark. Note that the automatic voice is in Danish. Stay on the line and wait till a person answers. All the doctors speak English.

They will refer you to a hospital emergency department or an urgent care center or if necessary send a doctor to your home. If they do refer you to the emergency department, they will be able to advise you of which hospital emergency department or urgent care center has the shortest waiting time. You will be informed about when you can expect to be examined and treated, which means that you can wait at home if there is waiting time. If you visit a hospital emergency center or an urgent care center without an appointment, you will receive help according to your needs, but you will normally have to wait longer.

24-hour Pharmacies

Lyngby Svane Apotek
Lyngby Hovedgade 27, 2800 Lyngby
Tel: 45 87 00 96     

Steno Apotek
Vesterbrogade 6C, 1620 København V
Tel: 33 14 82 66

København Sønderbro Apotek
Amagerbrogade 158, 2300 København S
Tel: 32 58 01 40


Dental work is not covered by the Danish healthcare system for persons over 18. All dentists are private in Denmark and quite expensive. Denmark does offer free dental care to every child with a CPR number until the age of 18. After you have registered at a Danish Kommune, you will be invited to an appointment for each of your children. Orthodontia is also covered for children.  If required, your child’s dentist will make a recommendation for an orthodontic assessment. You will be notified as to when your child is scheduled for their assessment.

Emergency Dentists (“tandlægerne”)

Oslo Plads 14, 2100 Copenhagen Ø (near Østerport Station)
Tel: 35 38 02 51
Opening hours: Mon.–Sun. 8pm-9:30pm.
Sat, Sun, Holidays 10am–12 noon

You can find more information about emergency medical care (in English) here.

Recommended Dentists

Dr. Susanne Hedegaard Drøjsbjerg
Rygaards Alle 8A, 2900 Hellerup
Tel: 39 62 59 90.

Dr. Birgitte Mikkelson
Ordrupvej 101, First Floor, 2920 Charlottenlund
Tel: 39 64 00 21
Nr. Farimagsgade 13, 1364 København K
Tel: 33 15 20 33

Dr. Stine Martoft
Fridtjof Nansens Plads 2, 2100 København Ø
Tel: 70 24 80 00

Dr. Daniel Taro Okuno
Ordrupvej 78C, 2920 Charlottenlund
Tel: 39 63 99 33

Dr. Johansen Jens Søndergaard
Jægersborg Alle 29B, 2920 Charlottenlund
Tel: 39 64 42 05

Tandlæge Klinikken
Strandvejen 102E, 2900 Hellerup
Tel: 70 24 80 20


Other useful contacts

Dermatologists (“hudlæge”)

Nadeem Janjua (Frederiksstadens Hudklinik)
Tel: 88 82 64 80

Michala Gammeltoft (Københavns Privathospital)
Tel: 45 93 39 33

Ophthalmologists (“øjenlæge”)

Hanne Göte
Frederiksborggade Øjenklinik
Tel: 33 32 30 01

Klaus Trier
Tingskiftevej 6, 2900 Hellerup
Tel: 39625663

Paediatricians (“børnelæge”)
Seija Pearson
Sct. Olai Gade 39, 3000 Helsingør
Tel: 49 22 41 20

Physiotherapists, osteopaths & chiropractors (“fysioterapeut, kiropraktor”)

Lotte Brath Jensen (osteopath)
Lyngbygårdsvej 100, 2800 Kongens Lyngby
Tel: 21 91 03 58

Sigga Husted-Andersen (chiropractor)
Aurehøj Klinikken, Aurehøjvej 12, 2900 Hellerup
Tel: 39 62 00 61

Johan Hellemose (chiropractor) Kiropraktik i Centrum
Linnésgade 25, 3. sal, 1361 København K
Tel: 33 12 39 20

Malene Krause (osteopat)
Vedbæk Stationsvej 20, 2950 Vedbæk.
Tel: 4062 1561
*Excellent children's osteopath


Christine Felding (Gynækologisk Klinik Rungsted)
Tel: 48 17 62 50

Olav Istre (Privathospitalet Hamlet)
Tel: 38 17 07 00


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