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A good start to settling in

Expat Families


'Hej' & Welcome to Denmark

By now, you’ve found the closest grocery store and figured out the bus route to the city center. Now what? Reality kicks in. You’re New in Denmark you don’t have any friends or family close by and you’re probably feeling a little overwhelmed. This is where Homestead comes in. Homestead can answer all your questions and guide you along step by step. Our goal is to give you a good start to settling in to your new neighborhood so you can get on with your daily life and start enjoying Denmark

Affordable services all geared to help you settle in quicker and with ease.

Homestead offers you and your family personal, friendly assistance helping you get your feet planted. Based on each family member's personal interest, we will provide guidance so you will feel happy and confident navigating your new city and the Danish culture. Our hands-on and personal approach will enable you and your family to be convinced about your decision to move here, and in turn focus fully on enjoying this fantastic country.

We love Denmark and with Homestead’s help, you can too.


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